How to delegate access to your Facebook Ads account

1. Go to

2. Select your Facebook business account or create a new one (if you don’t already see one)

3. Add your business page to your Facebook Manager. Official Facebook guide >

This is your Business Settings page. On the left, you can find all the different things you can connect to your Business.

*IMPORTANT* If you have an Instagram account, add your Instagram account before adding your Facebook page.

4. Add your ad account to your Business Manager. Official Facebook guide >

5. Add Zima Media ID as a partner: 366234360461684

6. Give Zima Media partner FULL access to your Facebook page

Necessary Facebook Page permissions

7. Give Zima media partner FULL access to your Ad account

Necessary Ads Account permissions

8. Add Zima Media to your Facebook Pixel ID. Official Facebook guide >

This is where you create and share pixels
Zima Media Facebook Account Manager ID = 366234360461684
Check all options here