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How to delegate access to your Linkedin Ads account

General Account Access

1. Confirm you have created a LinkedIn Ads Campaign account

2. Go to your Linkedin campaign manager account https://www.linkedin.com/campaignmanager/accounts

3. On the top right, click the settings icon and click “Manage access”.

4. Click “Add user to account”

5. Or click, “Edit” if needed, and “Add user to account”

6. Delegate access to Marija. Marija’s LinkedIn Profile

7. Give Marija “Campaign manager rights”

8. Save the changes

Sponsored Content Access (= Approval to publish display ads):

1. Go into your company page

2. Go into “Admin tools” on the right-hand side and click on “Page admins”

3. In the “Manage admins” section, go into “Sponsored Content Posters”

4. In the empty field (Add new admin by name), add Marija. Marija’s LinkedIn Profile.

5. Save changes

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